RetroFAST Remediate & Rejuvenate

It’s important to keep in mind that ALL septic systems will fail at some point forcing costly repairs to property owners…until now!

Over time, the soil absorption component of a conventional septic system (drainfield) will build up a biomat or clogging layer that will eventually prevent the wastewater from moving down through the soil.

The RetroFAST Septic System Enhancement was designed to retrofit existing conventional septic systems with treatment capability. By applying highly treated wastewater with dissolved oxygen to a biologically failed drainfield, the clogging layer can actually repair itself. This occurs because the RetroFAST removes the type of pollutants that originally formed the clogging layer.

The RetroFAST can be installed into your existing septic tank. EPA tested and verified, the RetroFAST renovates, remediates and extends the life of your septic system. This alternative drainfield repair costs less than replacing the entire field and can be installed without having to dig up your yard or existing landscaping. Best of all it has a 100% money back guarantee!

Call us today to see if your failing system can be corrected by installing the RetroFAST!

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