We train and certify septic tank contractors and installers in the proper installation and maintenance of the Bio-Microbics FAST and AquaKlear aerobic treatment units and corresponding drip irrigation systems. Training includes proper startup procedures to ensure the headworks and drip field will function properly.

We offer assistance to engineers who are interested in designing septic systems. ATU-drip systems require special design considerations especially when dealing with larger residential systems or commercial systems. Many believe that these are “cookie cutter” systems. This is only true for small to medium size residential systems.

A drip field can only be so big before it has to be broken down into zones. Drip laterals have a maximum length depending on the operating pressure. A specific scour velocity must be maintained. Multiple zones require special equipment and upgrades from the standard drip packages the various manufacturers supply. As a dealer of ACT custom filtration systems with JNM Technologies, we can offer assistance to customize the headworks and disposal portion of your design to ensure proper function.

We also offer complete training in proper site and soil evaluation to septic tank contractors, engineers and designers. A complete knowledge of the soil and groundwater conditions and how it applies to system design is a requisite.

The Florida Association of Environmental Soil Scientists ( offers a hydric soils workshop annually. This is an excellent course to introduce you to the indicators that are present in the soil as a result of seasonal inundation/saturation. Even if you are already doing the soils work yourself, attending the hydric soils workshop will help fine tune your skills.