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DRAINFIED REPAIRS Every conventional drainfield will fail at some point in time. Drainfield failure is usually the result of a biomat build-up. Symptoms that you may experience are slow plumbing, gurgling, plumbing back-ups or a blowout in your yard. If you had your septic tank pumped and water flowed back into the tank from the drainfield, your drainfield is no longer accepting water and needs to be replaced.

We design, permit and install drainfield repairs. Our licensed contractor is also a Certified Professional Soil Scientist which sets him apart from every other septic contractor in the State. The soil conditions on site are accurately identified in order to determine what type of drainfield is required based on the size and year built. The system is designed to meet state and local requirements. The county health office simply reviews our paperwork and issues the permit based on our specifications.

We pump septic tanks and lift stations. Did you know that you need to pump your septic tank every three to five years? Pumping your septic tank extends the life of the septic system by removing the solids that over time cause the effective volume of the tank to decrease. Decrease volume means decrease treatment which in turns causes the drainfield to fail prematurely.

We conduct septic system inspections and certifications. Protect yourself when buying or selling a home. We can pump and inspect your septic system to determine if repairs, upgrades or replacements are needed.

We offer drainfield remediation through the installation of the RetroFAST. an alternative to digging up your yard and replacing the drainfield. This cost effective alternative drainfield repair is a permanent solution to a failing drainfield. We can install it without having to dig up your yard and landscaping.

Please note that the RetroFAST is ideally suited for 4 to 5 bedroom homes built in 1983 or after with living space between 3,300 and 4,050 sq ft of living space. A special assessment needs to be conducted in order to determine the nature of the failure. The RetroFAST is EPA verified technology that can be installed without having to dig up your yard.

Call us for septic tank pumping, septic system repair and drainfield repair if you live in Deltona, Debary, Deland, Osteen, Enterprise, Pierson, Sanford, Lake Mary, Oviedo or other cities in Central Florida.

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View this video to see the difference between extended aeration and fixed film systems.

In extended aeration systems microorganisms that break down the wastes are free floating and suspended (or floating) in the wastewater. This system is shown in the video and is the system on the left. Notice how brown and dense the water looks.

In fixed film systems, the microorgansims that break down the wastes are attached to a media. This system is shown in the video and is the system on the right. Notice how clear the water is.

In extended aeration systems, a "flushing" of the contents in the aeration chamber during peak or high flow periods, such as on laundry day, occurs. Where drip disposal is utilized, the brown water moves out of the unit and into the dose tank where it will cause clogging of the filter in the headworks. This results in more frequent and higher maintenance costs. Where the unit is followed by a conventional drainfield, the brown water moves out of the unit directly into the drainfield where it will cause the soils to "plug up" over time resulting in drainfield failure.

In fixed film systems, this "flushing" of contents does not occur because the microorgansims are attached to the media. Filters don't get clogged and drainfields don't have "stuff" moving into them that shouldn't be there!

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