FujiClean Florida

FujiClean- Florida Springs Protection, BMAP’s

We are the first and best company in Florida to offer the FujiClean treatment system. This innovative system is a result of 55 years of engineering and combines both anaerobic and aerobic treatment as well as filtration in one small compact unit. Designed to treat straight wastewater, the FujiClean does not require additional tanks. Small in size and lightweight makes this system highly maneuverable and adaptable to fit in the very tightest and most difficult to access sites. The FujiClean treatment unit reduces Total Nitrogen by up to 80% and is a perfect fit for those sites within the Primary Focus Areas of the Outstanding Florida Springs. A licensed septic installer can upgrade your septic system simply by removing the existing septic tank and installing the FujiClean treatment unit. The FujiClean is the most affordable nitrogen reducing system.

Unlike extended aeration systems that are simply a tank with air pumped into it, FujiClean’s “contact filtration” treatment is a simple process that consists of a controlled, circulating flow through multiple aerobic and anaerobic chambers in direct contact with assorted proprietary fixed film media on which biological digestion occurs. This treatment process makes the FujiClean the best choice for total nitrogen reduction in your septic system.