The AquaKlear aerobic wastewater treatment system is remarkably simple. The treatment system is at work around the clock due to the combination of injected air, dissolved oxygen and aerobic bacteria that convert/digest the organics in the effluent. The end product is wastewater that is virtually odorless and colorless and is 98.8% cleaner than when it originally entered into the system.

The fine bubble air diffuser, powered by the dual outlet compressor, continuously injects air into the aeration chamber. The fine air bubbles ensure maximum dissolved oxygen content in the effluent. The diffuser is positioned in the aeration chamber so that the contents are continuously and completely turned over. As a result, the organics in the effluent remain completely suspended allowing the microbes to work on the waste particles from all directions.

The fine nature of the air bubbles allows for a faster “rebound.” This is the time it takes for the system to return to an optimal operating condition after a heavy shock load. A shock load can occur after the introduction of chemicals into the system such as on a cleaning day. A shock can also occur as a result of large amounts of water moving through the system as on laundry day. The rebound rate for the AquaKlear treatment system is 24 hours or less.

All aerobic treatment systems rely on the injection of oxygen. The difference is that the AquaKlear does so without any internal moving parts. The AquaKlear uses air to build up the proper microbial population and to “mix” or “turn over” the contents, not a motor driven aspirating mixer. Fewer moving parts results in less chance of component failure.

A feature specific to the AquaKlear is the clarifier skimmer. Every night at midnight the compressor diverts air from the diffuser in the aeration chamber to the simple, yet ingeniously designed AK Skimmer for fifteen minutes. Skimming of the surface of the water in the clarifier chamber occurs. Floatable wastes in this chamber are drawn down through the skimmer and returned either to the aeration chamber, where it is processed further, or to the trash tank which precedes the AquaKlear. In this instance, the wastes are used in the denitrifying process which is important in environmentally sensitive areas.

The AK Skimmer and AquaKlear clarification concept is so effective and reliable that it has come to define a new category of wastewater processing within the industry- the “complete” wastewater treatment process. It’s a superior process developed and patented by the innovative minds at AquaKlear.

The AquaKlear footprint is smaller than many other aerobic treatment systems on the market so they can often be placed in areas where other products just won’t fit. In addition, the AquaKlear is available in BOTH fiberglass and concrete models.

The AquaKlear comes with a 3 year warranty on the treatment unit and 2 years on all components of the drip package. Drip package includes headworks, pump and control panel.

The AquaKlear is NSF/ANSI 245 certified (nitrogen reduction).