Drainfield Rejuvenation

Drainfield rejuvenation can be permanently accomplished by installing the RetroFAST wastewater treatment system into any existing septic system. This alternative drainfield repair method is EPA verified and has a money back guarantee!

Conventional septic systems hold non-soluble materials that are dispersed into the soil through the drainfield. This is where the majority of the water is treated biologically by the bacteria in the soil. This natural process, over time, builds up a biomat or “clogging layer” which ultimately creates septic system failure or drainfield failure. Slow plumbing, plumbing back-ups or surfacing wastewater typically result from a failed septic system. Property owner’s only choice when this occurs was to dig up and replace the drainfield…until now!

RetroFAST wastewater treatment systems are used as an enhancement for conventional septic systems and provide a simple upgrade to rejuvenate biologically failed drainfields. When used in septic systems that are not yet in failure, the RetroFAST delivers high levels of treatment which reverses the biomat build-up and prevents the “clogging layer” from developing thereby tremendously extending the life of the drainfield. When used in new construction, the RetroFAST helps assure that the “clogging layer” never forms!

The RetroFAST is designed to be inserted into an existing septic tank which results in minimal site disturbance. Upgrading to the RetroFAST is a cost effective and permanent alternative drainfield repair option which eliminates the need to dig up your yard or existing landscaping.

Call us today to see if your system is a candidate for this alternative repair method!