Hoot Systems

LA HOOT and H-Series HOOT (including HOOT BNR System)

1. Pretreatment tank- primary purpose is to hold on to solid portion of waste.

2. Aeration chamber- small external blower (6) pumps air into system.

3. Clarifier chamber- cleanest waster rises to top.

4. Chlorinator- disinfects effluent (if installed, a dechlorinator is required-typically not installed  in Florida systems but is available).

5. Pump tank/chamber- hold effluent ready for discharge.

6. Quiet and efficient blower- pumps air into aeration chamber.

7. Control Panel- operates/monitors the entire system.

8. Pump.

Air is pumped into the aeration chamber which allows a “good” bacterial population to develop. The aeration allows the organic material in the effluent to mix with the bacteria. The organics are the “food” for the bacteria. In the clarifier, the bacteria and rediduals settle out toward the bottom and are reintroduced back into the aeration zone. Only the clearest water moves into the pump chamber to be dispersed typically into a dripfield.

These systems have a computer in the control panel that controls all aspects of the treatment process and disposal. The disposal portion of each system can be set up to run by pump floats or by a probe that detects when the water level is at a point that requires discharge.

The primary difference between the LA HOOT and the H-Series is the efficiency of the treatment. The aeration chamber of the H-Series is different from the LA HOOT. In the H-Series, this chamber is rectangular with a cone insert. The cone serves as the clarifier and settling zone combined and allows a greater volume for aeration/treatment.

Another difference is that the LA HOOT is for smaller residential projects (2 or 3 bedroom homes) that do not require additional treatment to the wastewater and is thereby less expensive. The H-Series (including the BNR) are for greater flows (400-1000 gpd) and can be used where additional treatment is required for a greater drainfield reduction (25-40%), reduced setback to surface water or increase in lot flow allowance. A peformance based treatment system (PBTS) can be permitted using the HOOT System. As such, this system can be utilized for a broader application than a standard aerobic treatment unit (ATU).