Norweco Singulair

The Norweco Singulair® is an “all-in-one” treatment unit. That is, the precast concrete tank contains the pretreatment chamber (trash compartment), aeration chamber and clarifier. There’s no need to purchase/install a separate septic tank.

Waste water enters the pretreatment chamber where anaerobic bacteria and gravity precondition it. The Singulair Aerator, powered by a 1725 RPM, 115 volt, fractional horsepower motor, infuses air while stirring the effluent in the aeration chamber. The motor reduces heat build up and dramatically increases bearing life. Each aerator, as well as other system components, is operated by the Service Pro Control Center which monitors and controls their operation.

A key component to the Singulair® is the Bio-Kinetic® System. The non-mechanical design ensures that all wastewater is properly treated prior to discharge. The clarified effluent enters the Bio-Kinetic system through the filter media and is held in the baffled perimeter settling zone. The effluent exits through flow equalization ports that control the flow through upstream and downstream processes and regulate the amount of water that can enter the Bio-Kinetic system. The constant flow equalization, even during times of increase flow, enhances the overall system performance. This assures complete treatment of the effluent with no additional tankage and is serviceable from grade.