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Over time the soil absorption component (drainfield) of your septic system develops a biomat or “clogging layer.” This is a natural process that results from the bacteria in the soil having to break down the wastes in the effluent. Once this “clogging layer” develops, water can no longer move (percolate) efficiently through the soil. Slow plumbing, gurgling, plumbing back ups and/or surfacing wastewater can result from the development of the biomat.These symptoms typically force homeowners to completely replace their failing drainfield. This is done by digging up the failing system, backfilling with good soil and installing a new drainfield. This type of repair can be costly and damaging to your yard and landscaping.The RetroFAST essentially converts your existing septic tank into an advanced wastewater treatment unit. When highly treated oxygenated wastewater enters the failing drainfield, the “clogging layer” or biomat can actually repair itself.  This occurs because the RetroFAST removes the contaminants that originally caused the biomat to form. RetroFAST’s oxygenated effluent fosters the development of aerobic bacteria in the drainfield that utilize the biomat as a food source. That is, the bacteria digest the clogging layer in the field thereby opening the pore spaces in the soil which allows water to drain.

Other less efficient products require the addition of a special bacteria culture to digest the biomat. This bacteria is required because the bacteria that form the biomat continue to move into the field from the septic tank with each use of the plumbing inside the home. This culture is required to be added periodically.

The RetroFAST contains a media (Click Here to View Media Video) that the bacteria in the tank grow on. The bacteria remain affixed to this media even with a large flush through the system; such as on laundry day. The RetroFAST does not require the addition of any chemicals or bacteria cultures. It rejuvenates or remediates the drainfield with dissolved oxygen.

The RetroFAST has the advantage over all other products in that once the drainfield is working, you can either leave it on to ensure your drainfield continues to operate or you can turn it off until you begin to experience problems again. If problems are experienced again down the road, simply turn it back on.

The RetroFAST is a permanent solution for biologically failed drainfields, is proven, reliable, EPA verified and has a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! 

RetroFast Installation

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